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Our roadshow to SMK Taman Melawati

Graduating from high school in 2010, I would never have imagined myself going back until I’m at least 50 and reminiscing on my youth (to my future self, please take note). But 8 years later and within the capacity of TalentLabs, I find myself back at SMK Taman Melawati, sharing about education and career opportunities in technology to 50 bright students.

The question, “Would you rather be a user, or a creator?” became our theme of discussion.

A lot has changed since MySpace aka the Facebook of its time (but epic-er), incase all you new aged Gen- Z readers don’t know.  As a matter of fact, do you guys even have Facebook? Let me know in the comments! Maybe we can buddies on FB.

Anyways, coming back to the topic, Myspace was probably my earliest exposure to coding, blogging, web-designing (more like designing my own profile rather than an actual website, but web-designing just sounds way cooler!) and so on. Then the new wave of online social media platforms came in and removed all the ‘backend’ modifications a user could do. Way more convenient and user friendly, but you can’t help but miss customising anything you could. The difference between MySpace and Facebook, was that MySpace allowed us to not only be a user, but also be a creator.

In today’s working environment, the cry for innovation just keeps getting louder and louder. At TalentLabs, we aim to hone students’ interest and challenge their curiosity through the power of technology. As tech becomes more and more embedded into our everyday lives, it only makes sense that being tech savvy adds a competitive advantage. Best part about all of this is, all this tech know-how can be easily picked up given one receives the right education and exposure. Luckily! That’s exactly what we provide at TalentLabs!

This is then where we introduce our prestigious TalentLabs Incubation Program to the students. The interest in the room grew quickly as this scholarship offered a lot more than any other conventional scholarships. To find out more about this, check it out HERE.  

We then moved on and focused on the career aspirations of the students and how tech has already disrupted their intended fields. To my surprise, all the students had a pretty diverse set of interests! Some wanted to be pilots, while others were keen to explore a career in politics, fashion, architecture and some, have even already considered a career in tech! A far cry from the ordinary job of becoming either a doctor, lawyer or an engineer (no disrespect to those of you in these incredible professions).

We tapped on the interests in tech and explained that an education in it (IT, lol get it?), would practically get you into any industry. As we dive deeper into it (here IT is again), more students then began to consider a career in it (IT, okay, last time guys, promise).

Some now wanted to become developers or programmers who are keen to dabble a hand into new areas such as machine learning, coding, IoT, app development, cyber security and much more; knowing that the need for experts in these professions will balloon within the next few years.  

All in all, it was humbling to share these opportunities and give a bit of insight into the tech scene to the students. We did a quick survey right after and results say that:

  1. 89% of students would now consider a degree in technology
  2. 82% of students agree that their understanding of technology has increased and
  3. 92% of students agree that their interest of in technology has increased as a direct result of the event just held

Some really encouraging stats! And as we go further into the 4th industrial revolution, we hope to expose and educate more and more future leaders of the opportunities in technology.

Do drop us a note if you found this beneficial and would want us to visit your school next!

Signing off for now,

Shawn Yip.

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