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The Digital Society Fund Scholarship

is a structured talent development programme that provides full scholarships for bright underprivileged students to pursue undergraduate studies in technology-related courses.

How it works



Prospective scholars will undergo a rigorous selection process and will be given a full tuition allowance to pursue their pre-university and undergraduate studies at selected universities.



Scholars will undergo a holistic learning experience with a structured program comprising of workshops, mentorships and many more – to prepare them for a strong career in tech.



Scholars will receive ample career development support to maximize their chances of securing job placements. Scholars are expected to contribute back to the development of the program.



Possess strong leadership skills and actively participates in extra-curricular activities and social or voluntary activities

Academic Results

Obtained a minimum of 7As in the recent SPM examination or equivalent; with a minimum A in English, Mathematics and/or Additional Mathematics

Financial Background

Comes from a family with per capita income of not more than RM 3,000 per month.

Benefits of being our scholar

University Degree

Tuition Scholarship will be awarded to selected students to pursue a foundation and degree course in a technology-related field. Students will commence their studies at our partner universities to ensure high quality learning.

Master Classes

Scholars will undergo leadership & development programmes throughout their entire undergraduate studies. Scholars will be exposed to key skills outside their university degree – exposure to important skill-sets such as sales, marketing, business strategy, and many others.


Each scholar will be assigned to a mentor who will guide and provide support throughout their studies. Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and industry experience, and are reputable leaders in their own respective fields.

Career Development

Scholars will undergo specially curated career development programmes, namely: Exclusive Engagement Sessions with our Corporate Partners, CV & Interview Workshops as well as Structured Internship Programmes.


Through our partnerships, scholars will be given priority access to high-level conferences, industry roundtables, career fairs and talent engagement sessions.

Talent Makers Project

Throughout our scholars’ studies, they will be attached to a special project that allows them to build a product, that will improve real-life issues; facilitating a complete understanding of what they’ve learned throughout their studies.

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