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10-to-do things before a job interview

Preparation is vital before your job interview and can literally make or break your chances in landing that job. To maximize your chances, here are 10-to-do things before a job interview.


1. Dress for success

You’ve probably heard of the term many times before. To decipher the meaning, you don’t need to wear the most expensive suit or office dress to an interview, just ensure that you’re dressed smart and neat for that interview. Plan your outfit! Iron your shirt and lay it out the night before. Shine your shoes and cut your nails. Make sure your hair is neatly combed or tied back.

Most importantly, remember to wear that big smile!


2. Plan your journey

The last thing you want is to be late for an interview! So it’s worth taking some time to plan your journey. Look up some public transport routes and plan ahead where to park if you’re driving. Also, aim to arrive about 10-15 mins earlier than scheduled. This gives you plenty of time to calm the nerves.


3. Get a good night’s sleep

Complimenting on point no 2; get some good sleep! About 6-8 hours of sleep will do you a world of good. This allows you to stay fresh and have your firing at all cylinders throughout your interview.


4. Do your homework

This really goes without saying – But knowing about the company you’re applying to, shows that you’re interested. Read up on the news related to the company you’re applying to. Understanding the industry and how it is evolving would give you a lasting impression. Additionally, you can also do a bit of research on your interviewer. Look up his or her LinkedIn profile and try to understand the kind of candidates the interviewer may be looking for.


5. Breathe

Stay focus, maintain eye contact and relax. Be yourself and showcase your personality as best as you can. As silly as it sounds, sometimes you do need a reminder to breathe.


6. Plan questions


When your interviewer asks if you have any questions, have some prepared. At the very least you could ask how the application process works and comes after this particular interview. This demonstrates that you’re enthusiastic and prepared for the role. Be creative with your questions and try to avoid common ones.


7. Make a good first impression

The first impression is the starting point of any relationship, so it’s important that you create a good one between you and your interviewer. When greeting, stand up straight, extend your hand to give a firm handshake and wear a big smile. Take time to thank them for taking the time to see you today and ask the how they are doing this morning.


8. Practice, practice and practice

The night before your interview, take some time to anticipate what questions may be asked and prepare answers for those questions. This is powerful technique; and it’s even used by Executives when presenting to the Board. Research some of the common questions and get your siblings involved! Do some role-playing and really maximize your chances.


9. Print out your CV

Always have your CV or resume ready on hand. You’ll never know when it may come in handy. Your interviewer may misplace your CV or invite his or her colleagues to join in on the interview; whatever the case may be, having a spare CV to accommodate any of these situations will always be useful and is great show of anticipation and preparation.


10. Say thank you


Finally, after it’s all said, done and laid out at the interview; remember to do one last thing. Follow up with a thank you. Email your interviewer to thank them once more for making the time and that it was a pleasure to have met him/her. You may take the opportunity here to emphasize further on your keenness in joining the company – but remember to keep it short, sweet and simple.  

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